General Tutorial on PICRUSt:

For a full understanding of how PICRUSt works we suggest that users refer to the tutorials available for PICRUSt here:


Setting up CowPi on your account on the Aberystwyth University Galaxy system:

Aberystwyth University provides an externally facing Galaxy installation that has CowPi installed. This is freely availalbe for the wider scientific community to use and just requires that users register and create a login.

First time users on this system will need to set up their account and import the pre-prepared CowPi workflow into their account.

For instructions on how to do this, please refer to the walkthrough provided here: http://www.cowpi.org/p/setting-up-cowpi-on-galaxy-account.html

Running CowPi on Galaxy:

The impatient guide to running CowPi can be found here: http://www.cowpi.org/p/the-impatient-guide-to-running-cowpi-on.html,

However we advise users to also look at the description of each of the steps of the workflow outlined here: http://www.cowpi.org/p/an-overview-and-tutorial-of-cowpi.html